Sunday, October 10, 2010

The RISD Student and Alumni Sale

    This Saturday I went to the RISD sale.  It is a great event held every year on Columbus Day weekend.  There are always many talented artists selling their beautiful work. My friend Liz Goulet Dubios was one of those artists.  She was selling her wonderful books; What Kind of Rabbit are You (which I got two for the nieces) and her new book Christopher Columbus.  Liz was also selling funky, cute plush toys, which you can buy at her etsy store.  It is called Recycle Rabbit. You can see us at Liz’s table with our friend Mary Beth.

   Another cool find (thanks to Mary Beth!) was a truck selling the most amazing cupcakes I have ever tasted!  They are made locally and if you are craving a delicious treat and are in the providence area look up sugar rush on twitter to see where their van is selling that day.  It is worth it!

    My plan is to join in the fun next year with my own booth, but I am also getting married next October so we will see what happens!

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